Park Lane Primary


Junior Spelling Gem Club

The words selected for the Spelling Club in years 3 and 4 are the National Curriculum ‘Common Exception Words’ based on the year 2.3 and 4 curriculum. These are the words the children are expected to spell correctly, to achieve the expected standard in writing by the end of year 4.

The words are split across 5 clubs (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz and Amethyst) starting with year 2 words and increasing in difficulty until they reach year 4 words. There are 3 lists in each club which the children work their way through until they can spell all 3 lists correctly. This will then allow them to move on to the next club.


They will bring home their Gem Club spellings to rehearse and practice at home. Children study the spelling rules and learn about strategies to help in school which they can talk about with you when practicing.

Below are the words for each gem level :