Park Lane Primary

School Uniform

The School Uniform Policy

In order that children should be suitably dressed for school and that they should feel themselves to be equal partners in the school community, we recommend that the following items of school clothing be worn:

The School Uniform Items

 Main Uniform

  • Grey or black trousers/shorts
  • Green, black or grey skirt or dress
  • Plain white shirt or white/green Polo shirt/blouse
  • Green jumper/cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Plain socks/tights (white, black, grey or green)
  • A simple green and white check dress for alternative summer wear
  • Black flat shoes which should be practical and safe for school and playground
  • No trainers/canvas pumps/flip flops or open toed sandals


Hairstyles or any other aspect of appearance should not reflect an extreme of fashion.

We ask that children with long hair tie it up with a hair band. Any bows, clips or hair bands should reflect that of school colours and be of a minimal size.

Parents are asked to ensure that all clothing worn is clearly labelled with child’s name and is appropriate for a school environment.

It is recommend that children have a green school book bag for transporting reading books, letters etc. between home and school. Rucksacks are allowed once children are of junior age.


 PE/Sports Kit

For Pupils at Juniors

  • Plimsolls
  • Green or Black Shorts (no branding or logos)
  • White Tee-shirt

For Pupils at Infants

  • Plimsolls
  • Green Shorts
  • White T-shirt
  • Trainers (for outside use)
  • Plain black tracksuit trousers (no fashion logos)
  • Plain black sweatshirt (no fashion logos)


The PE kit should be clearly labelled with the child’s name and kept in a named drawstring bag. The shorts, t-shirt and drawstring bags are available from the Friends’ Association.

There may be times when there are medical reasons why children are unable to participate in P .E. lessons. If a doctor has advised that P .E. is not appropriate for particular children, it is important that parents notify the child’s teacher in writing, so that they may be excused from participating. Examples of such conditions would be post-operative recovery, broken limbs or recovery from a severe asthma attack. Otherwise, children who are deemed well enough to attend school will be deemed well enough to participate in P .E. lessons.

At Park Lane, if parents insist that their children wear earrings to school, only small, plain studs are permitted. It is always preferable that your child’s earrings are removed on PE days. If this is not possible then please cover them with tape or send tape in to school for your child to cover them. It is current practice in the school that children are responsible for the removal and replacement of studs. Children, whose parents refuse the studs to be removed or covered, are not permitted to take part in P .E. lessons for health and safety reasons.


Purchasing the School Uniform

The Friends of Park Lane Primary School (the schools Parent Teacher Association) sells School Uniform items and accessories, branded with the school logo. All clothing items are of a high quality and durable nature - able to withstand the rigours of daily school life.

From September 2019, school uniform items can be purchased online at Orders placed can be collected from the school on a Tuesday (Infants) or a Wednesday (Juniors).

Non-school branded clothing items can be purchased from most local supermarkets.