Park Lane Primary

Park Lane 'Doortraits'

Local photographer Sapna Odlin has offered to visit the families, friends and teachers of Park Lane to create a beautiful ‘doortrait’; a family portrait taken on your doorstep to capture summer 2020 for your family. You can be on your doorstep, in a window, wearing your uniform, work clothes, wearing pyjamas or holding props – whatever you want to do to capture a moment in time. You can see examples of 'doortraits' taken in Reading and read lockdown stories on Sapna’s Instagram page.

You need to register for the ‘doortrait’ so that Sapna can get in touch to arrange a time to visit you. The visit will take no longer than 5-10 minutes. This won’t cost you anything. Once your picture(s) is ready to view you will be sent a link to your family’s private gallery which is password and PIN protected, if you choose to purchase the work then Park Lane will receive £10 for each item sold. As a guide, a mounted print will cost you £30 and a high resolution digital file will be £22. Other options will be available through your gallery on Sapna’s website including a gift option to post a mounted frame directly to a family member; the perfect present for Grandparents who would love a recent picture of your family. You will be able to order images until 31st July 2020 when we will be closing the project.

Deadline for registrations is Friday 19th June at 9pm. Sapna will then be in touch to arrange a suitable time to visit you at home.

If you have any queries about the photography you can contact Sapna directly. Or contact Lizzie Moore at if you need further information.

We hope you are excited about this opportunity, please do promote it to your year group as well as any local friends or relatives you think would like to participate and help support Park Lane.