Park Lane Primary

Phonics : Phase 3 Sounds

These are next set of sounds the children are taught : 

We teach the children catchphrases to help them remember the phonic sounds as we 'grow the code' and add to it as we move into phase 5:

how to say phase 3 sounds august 2022 1.pdf


ai tail in the rain
ee sheep in a jeep
igh a light in the night
oa soap that goat
oo  zoom to the moon/ hook a book
ar march in the dark
or born with a horn
ur curl the fur
ow wow owl
oi boing boing
ear get near to hear
air chair in the air
er a bigger digger

grapheme info sheet phase 3 spring 1.pdf


 Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1

Children are secure working within phase 3 when they:

  • Give the sound when shown all or most Phase 2 and Phase 3 graphemes
  • Find from a display all or most Phase 2 and 3 graphemes when given the sound
  • Blend and read CVC words consisting of Phase 2 and 3 graphemes
  • Segment and make a phonemically plausible attempt at spelling CVC words using Phase 2 and 3 graphemes