Park Lane Primary

Welcome to the Park Lane Party Box

We set up this box because - as much as we all, er, love a children's party - they can cost a pretty penny and leave a trail of black bin bags in their wake.

We thought, what if we all shared the brightly-coloured cups, plates, bowls, jugs and platters that usually get shoved in the bin after 2 hours? What if all this stuff was available to everyone for whatever they wanted to pay for it? What if there wasn't even any washing up involved???

Available to all students and friends of Park Lane Primary School, the party box is cost-saving, eco-friendly and completely hassle-free. Open it up and you'll find:

  • 30 plates,
  • 30 bowls,
  • 30 cups,
  • 4 jugs and
  • 6 serving platters.


It's all brightly coloured and completely reusable. All donations will help buy vital supplies for the children of Park Lane Primary School.


Just get in touch to book it out, use it, put it all back in the box, pop a donation of your choice in the wallet and return it to the school. Our volunteers will wash it all up and get it ready for the next party.
Don't forget to post pictures of the box in action at your party on our Facebook page too!


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