Park Lane Primary

Reading Books at Park Lane

We have a range of phonetically decodable and non-phonetically decodable books for the children to read. These will be assigned depending on their individual needs.

Phonetically decodable books: These are books that match the children’s phonics level. They enable the reader to practise and apply previously taught diagraphs and trigraphs within the context of reading. The children should be able to read these books with confidence.

Non decodable books: These books have been levelled against the Reading Book Band Scheme and use the coloured sticker system or their ZPD score. There are a range of scheme books included in these books. These books enable the children to develop a range of reading strategies and their comprehension.

Accelerated Reader (AR): When children have reached the White level (Reading Book Band Scheme) they will move onto AR books. The children will take a Star Reading Assessment to give them a reading age and level, this is known as a ZPD – Zone Proximal Development. Children select a book within their ZPD. When children have finished reading an AR book they take a quiz to answer questions about the text. Strands covered are Word recognition and Comprehension: Vocabulary, Understanding & Interpreting texts, Engaging & Responding to texts.

These are the book bands, phonic levels and AR levels to demonstrate how the books correlate to each other.