Park Lane Primary

Year 2- 

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2023/2024 for Park Lane Primary School Year 2 classes. Weekly learning updates are posted in your child's Google Classroom.

2023-2024- These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 

Subject Document

 Year 2 Yearly Overview


 Autumn Term- Animals including humans

 Autumn Term- Animals Knowledge Organiser

 Autumn Term- Materials

 Spring Term- Living Things and Their Habitats

 Summer Term- Plants

 Summer Term- Plants Knowledge Organiser


 Autumn Term- The Great Fire of London

 Autumn Term- Great Fire of London Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- What Makes My Town Special?

 Spring Term- What Makes My Town Special Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Windrush

 Summer Term- Windrush Knowledge Organiser


 Autumn Term- What is London Like?

 Spring Term- What Makes My Town Special?

 Spring Term- My Town Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- What is it like in the Caribbean?

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser

Art and DT

 Autumn Term- Art- Drawing

 Autumn Term- DT- Food and Nutrition

 Autumn Term- Food and Nutrition Knowledge Organiser

 Spring Term- DT- Mechanisms

 Spring Term- Art- Drawing- Texture and Perspective

 Spring Term- Drawing Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- Art- Sculpture

 Summer Term- Sculpture Knowledge Organiser

 Summer Term- DT Textiles- Making a bag

 Summer Term- DT- Knowledge Organisers


 Autumn Term- Animation

 Autumn Term- E-Safety

 Autumn Term- Digital Art

 Autumn Term- Recognising Uses of ICT

 Spring Term- E-Safety

 Spring Term- Introducing Data Handling

 Spring Term- Developing Programming

 Spring Term- E-Book Creation

 Summer Term- Internet Research

 Summer Term- Scratch Jnr


 Autumn Term- Dance

 Autumn Term- Cooperative Games

 Spring Term- Gymnastics

 Spring Term- Send and Return

 Summer Term- HIt, Run, Catch

 Summer Term- Run, Jump, Throw


 Autumn Term- Christianity- Jesus as a Gift from God

 Autumn Term- Christianity- What Did Jesus Teach Us

 Spring Term- Who is God to Muslims?

 Spring Term- Christianity- How Important is it to Christians that Jesus Came Back to Life?

 Summer Term- Islam- How important is the Prophet Muhammad to Muslims?

 Summer Term- How Important is the Quran to Muslims?


 Year 2 PSHE Yearly Overview

 Autumn Term- Computer Safety- Image Sharing

 Autumn Term- Keeping/Staying Healthy-Healthy Eating

 Autumn Term- Our World -Working in Our World

 Spring Term- Being Respnsible- Helping Someone Else

 Spring Term- Computer Safety- Making Friends

 Spring Term- Relationships- Friendships

 Summer Term- Feelings and Emotions- Worry

 Summer Term- Keeping and Staying Safe- leaning out of windows

 Summer Term- Online Safety

 Summer Term- Relationships- Body Language


 Autumn Term- Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch

 Autumn Term- Playing in an Orchestra

 Spring Term- Inventing A Musical Story

 Spring Term- Recognising Different Sounds

 Summer Term- Our Big Concert