Park Lane Primary

Year 6

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum work being undertaken currently, in the school year 2021/2022 for Park Lane Primary School Year 6 classes. 

These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary- 


Subject Document
Timetables and Overviews

Yearly Overview

 Term 1 Weekly Overview

 Term 2 Weekly Overview

 Term 3 Weekly Overview

 Term 4 Weekly Overview

 Summer Term Overview


 Autumn Term- Evolution and Inheritance

 Autumn Term- Light

 Autumn Term- Light Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term- Electricity

 Summer Term- The Circulatory System

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Circulatory System


 Autumn Term- Victorians

 Summer Term- The Maya

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Maya


 Spring Term- Locational Knowledge- Extreme Environments

Art and DT

 Autumn Term Art- Light and Shade

 Spring Term DT- Textiles

 Summer Term- DT- Cams


 Autumn Term- E-Safety

 Spring Term- Computers Past and Present

 Spring Term- Excel Experts

 Summer Term- Computers Past Present and Future


 Autumn Term- Basketball

 Autumn Term- Football

 Autumn Term- Handball

 Spring Term- Dance

 Spring Term- Tag Rugby

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Athletics

 Summer Term- Knowledge Organiser- Cricket


 Autumn Term- Islam

 Summer Term- Islam


 PSHE Overview- One Decision

 Autumn Term- Alcohol

 Autumn Term- Being Responsible

 Autumn Term- Water Safety

 Summer Term- Worry

 Summer Term- Growing and Changing (Conception)


 Music Progression Overview

 Spring Term- Classroom Jazz

 Summer Term- You've Got a Friend in Me


 MFL Progression Overview

 Spring Term- French- Our School


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